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Image of a veranda with white pillars and half length walls. There is a half length gate in the middle of the entrance of the veranda. Inside the veranda there is a brown wooden door with glass panels. On either side of the door are two brown wooden windows. The roof is composed of clay roof tiles. At the bottom of the image is the manicured lawn garden with a cement walkway to the veranda. On the right side of the image is a part of a swimming pool with a white cement pool deck. In front of the left side of the veranda are few pots with ornament plants alongside the veranda and a coconut tree. Behind the roof the lush green vegetation can be seen.
Lakeside Property
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Lakefront two bedroom villa

$ 750,000
Lakefront property with a land extent of two acres with a two bedroom villa with all the m ...
8,093.71 ac

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