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Luxury Villas
For Sale

Luxury four bedroom villa near Tangalle

$ 850,000
Luxury four bedroom villa with all modern amenities, located just minutes away from Tangal ...
4 4 87,120.00 ft2details
Beachfront Property
For Sale

Beachfront two bedroom bungalow

$ 1,700,000
Beachfront two bedroom bungalow maintains as a contemporary Sri Lankan style with modern a ...
2 91,476.00 ft2details
Image of a modern villa facing a lagoon style swimming pool. This is a two-storey building with a rectangular exterior. Each floor has a living room between two sleeping wings, which have full length glass windows in each side. Between the sleeping wings there is a full-length glass window with white frames. Through the glass window the inside of the living room can be seen. There is a bifurcated staircase and a chandelier in the living room. In front of the villa is a lagoon style swimming pool. There is a blue tiled outer border and a it has two pool ladders, one on the right middle and the other on the left side of the pool. From the pool area to the garden, there is a cement walkway. In front of the pool are two sun loungers with pool towels. Between the sun loungers is a wooden side table. On the right of the image is a beige colour wall.
Beachfront Property
For Sale

Beachfront Villa with Pool (3 Beds)

$ 750,000
Beachfront three bedroom villa, 3 km from Ambalangoda town with a jacuzzi room, spacious l ...
3 3 4,500.00 ft2details
Front view of three bedrooms facing the garden. Each room consists of a veranda , a sitting area and a glass window facing the garden. The verandas of each room is separated by a white lattice partition. In each veranda there is a small table with chairs. There are some candle lit lamps on the tables in each of the verandas.. On the right most corner room affixed to the wall next to the veranda table are two fire extinguishers. Paved path in front of the veranda is leading to the garden. There are four large cement flower pots on the paved path in front of each partition wall. In each veranda there is light hanging right above the table area and a lamp hanging close to the partition. The roof is made up of Sri Lankan roof tiles.
Beachfront Property
For Sale

Beachfront Villa and Bungalow (5 Beds)

$ 1,100,000
Beachfront five bedroom property with restaurant just 6 Km from the township of Galle.
Beachfront Property

Beachfront Chalet ideal for holiday home

$ 112,000
6km to Ambalangoda, 14m beachfrontage. 600sqft chalet, 3-phase electricity, mainline water ...
2 600.00 ft2details
Beachfront Property

Beachfront villa for family getaways

$ 67,000
The already-built chalet of 500 sqft with 3-phase electricity and mainline water is ideal ...
2 500.00 ft2details
Beachfront Property
For Sale

House on beach for sale 5 beds

$ 266,000
With just 2 Km to the township of Ambalangoda, this property has a magnificent beach front ...
5 5 3,500.00 ft2details
South Coast Property
For Sale

Plantation Land for Sale in Galle

$ 450,000
Elevated plantation land with mountain views and lush green landscapes. Cinnamon and Tea l ...
South Coast Property
For Sale

Private Villa with garden near Galle

$ 87,000
Cozy 2-bedroom house with spacious garden for potential pool. Tranquil location, privacy a ...

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