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I met Shane Thantirimudalige in early 2007, when I was looking to purchase a beach front property in the south of Sri Lanka.

Through Ceylon Real Estate I was able to purchase a house at the Galle Fort as well as a property in Weligama. It suited me well for commercial purposes.

I have no hesitation in recommending Shane and his company to anyone who wish to purchase/sell a villa or property in southern Sri Lanka given the expertise and tailor-made solutions afforded to me by Ceylon Real Estate, to provide me with a smooth and hassle-free process in the successful purchase of the said properties.

S.R. GNANAM (www.tokyocement.com) Sri Lanka– Client since 2007

My wife, Darshini, and I (both Chartered Accountants by profession) have been working and living in Botswana since 1987. Soon after the war ended in 2009 we were interested in buying a beachfront property in Southern  Sri Lanka. While I was perusing various advertisements for the sale of beachfront properties on the internet. I came across a well-presented eye-catching advertisement by Ceylon Investment Group. 

This included a beach property that we were interested in. We responded to this by email and promptly received a very professional response from Ceylon Investment Group informing us that this particular property had already been sold and that if they come across any other beachfront property for sale in that area they would get in touch with us. 

About two weeks later in September 2009, we received an email from one Mr Shane Thanthirimudalige, Managing Director of Cylon Investments Group. He gives the details including photographs of another beachfront property in Thalarambe, Mirissa.  


We immediately fell in love with this property and started communicating with Shane by email and telephone.

Shane arranged for the property to be inspected by our Architect, Mr C Anjalendran. He gave us the green light for us to proceed with the acquisition of this property. Even though Ceylon Investments Group was the selling agent, we were very comfortable in seeking Shane’s advice on all matters relating to the acquisition of this property because of the professionalism he displayed in all our dealings. Even without seeing the property ourselves, we authorised our lawyers and accountants to conclude the acquisition of this property. 

The transaction was completed smoothly and by the end of it. We have developed a very warm and trusted relationship with Shane even before we had a chance to meet in person.  We have developed a luxurious beach villa at this property which is known as Villa Atulya.


Our experience with Ceylon Investment Group in acquiring this property has been excellent. We have no hesitation in recommending Ceylon Investment Group as a very professional, trustworthy organisation to anyone seeking their services.


Mr and Mrs Priyalal – Sri Lanka – Client Since 2009

When we first visited Sri Lanka in 2011, we arranged for eleven realtors to show us their patches and their products. Shane Thantirimudalige of Ceylon Real Estate stood out head and shoulders above the rest. When it came to his focus on understanding his client’s wishes and needs, his marketplace knowledge and how foreigners can participate in real estate in Sri Lanka. He has the contacts to execute those plans. To all of this, add his well-travelled world view and personable demeanour.

Luxury Villas is a sister company of Ceylon Real Estate and manages villas for foreigners. The combined package for acquisition and operation has worked well for us over the last decade. It has led to some other interesting mutual business ventures.

Joan and Archie Churcher – USA – Client since 2011

Investing in a foreign country is inherently riddled with complexities and anxiety.  From our perspective, Sri Lanka certainly ranked high up there in terms of level of difficulty. And it’s simply because it’s not a destination investors normally lean into. And that was a great thing for us. We weren’t seeking for something to flip but rather, something we’d build a dream.

Shane made something seemingly unknown and daunting, into a relatively easy investment. He was patient, helpful and knowledgeable (steeped in grounded and non-sugar-coated intel) which made us feel confident. He even helped put people in place to set us up for success. Such trust is rare. Especially, in an industry inundated with realtors all too ready to make a quick buck. In the years that followed, he was never too far whenever we had questions or challenges; especially from afar.  Shane and his team are without a doubt, best-in-class in what they do, and we are grateful to call them friends.

Johnny Tan (www.72andsunny.com )– Singapore – Client Since 2014

We have known Shane for over 10 years now. We have concluded several real estate transactions with him. Shane and his team have consistently proven to be honest, fair and very reliable both partners in both the acquisition and disposal of assets. We have truly enjoyed over the years. His support and friendship over the years in difficult times has also proven invaluable to our peace of mind and everlasting love for his amazing country.

Nous connaissons Shane depuis maintenant plus de 10 ans et il a été notre agent sur plusieurs transactions immobilières. Lui et son équipe ont su faire montre d’exemplarité dans leur honnêteté et dans la diligence de leur protection de nos intérêts. Son soutien et son amitié nous ont permis d’acquérir et de profiter pleinement de très belles propriétés mais aussi de nous découvrir un amour profond pour son merveilleux pays.

Yann Lombard-Platet , France, Client since 2008

After visiting Sri Lanka first time in early 2000s, I was absolutely charmed with the country and its people. Very happily, from the very beginning of my interest towards touring across the country, enjoying its hotels. Buying seashore property there I was accompanied by Shane Thantirimudalige. Everything what Shane and his company Ceylon Real Estate have done for me, was of a perfect quality. Either being a hospitality host, real estate agent, or business partner, Shane was a reliable hand of help to me, as well as a trustful adviser.

I recommend Shane and the businesses associated to him as one of their best experts in leisure and real estate industry in Sri Lanka. Thank you, Shane, for making my experience in your country such a wonderful adventure!

С тех пор, как я впервые посетил Шри Ланку в начале 2000-х, я был совершенно очарован этой страной и её людьми. Так получилось, что с самого начала моего интереса к поездкам по острову, отдыху в местных отелях и покупке там недвижимости мне и моей семье помогал во всех этих делах Шейн. Все услуги, оказанные Шейном лично и его компанией Ceylon Real Estate для для меня, были высочайшего качества. Неважно, выступал ли он в роли гостеприимного хозяина, агента по недвижимости или бизнес-партнера – во всём я мог полагаться на его экспертизу, честность и открытость.

Я рекомендую Шейна и его бизнес как одних из лучших экспертов в Шри Ланке в отельном бизнесе и индустрии недвижимости. Спасибо, Шейн, что ты сделал мой шри-ланкийский опыт таким незабываемым приключением!

Andrei Mikhailenko (sapienslab.ru) – Russia – Client since 2007

Shane Thantirimudalige has been known to me for several years since I first came to Sri Lanka in 2014. As a newcomer interested in a real estate investment, I found it challenging. But Shane guided me through all the local rules and regulations and simplified the process of making an investment. He had the best portfolio of properties. I ultimately was able to acquire 4 properties of good quality. He is a consummate professional and I was thrilled to be able to work with him.

2014 में पहली बार श्रीलंका आने के बाद से शेन थांतिरिमुडालिगे मुझे कई वर्षों से जानते हैं। रियल एस्टेट निवेश में दिलचस्पी रखने वाले एक नए व्यक्ति के रूप में मुझे यह चुनौतीपूर्ण लगा लेकिन शेन ने मुझे सभी स्थानीय नियमों और विनियमों के माध्यम से निर्देशित किया और प्रक्रिया को सरल बनाया। उनके पास संपत्तियों का अच्छा पोर्टफोलियो था और मैं अंततः अच्छी गुणवत्ता की 4 संपत्तियां हासिल करने में सक्षम रही। वह एक बेहतरीन पेशेवर हैं और मैं उनके साथ काम करते हुए खुश हूँ।

Reita Gadkari (otphotel.com) – India – Client since 2014

I have worked with Ceylon Investment Group (Pvt) Ltd with respect to my real estate investments in Sri Lanka since 2018.

I have found their services to be efficient, fast and effective. They are very knowledgeable about the market and trend. They have excellent knowledge about the properties they are representing. I am very satisfied with the agency and the management services provided by the company.

自2018 年以来,我就在斯里兰卡的房地产投资与 Ceylon Investment Group (Pvt) Ltd 合作。

Chandra Mohan Rajahtann (rajahtannasia.com)– Singapore – Client since 2017

We purchased our land through Ceylon Real Estate in 2015. When we were in the market in search of land with or without a property we found the team at CRE incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.

After purchasing and building our property, their sister company, Luxury Villas Sri Lanka. Now They manage our villa with a capable and friendly team. They go the extra mile to ensure that our holidays here are stress-free and enjoyable and show the same expertise to our rental clients.

We would happily recommend them to anyone planning to purchase property, rent or holiday here.

Alastair and Clare Macdonald – UK – Client since 2016

I have known Shane T. and Ceylon Real Estate since many years, and I can certify that it is a pleasure to work with them. They are efficient, well-travelled and problem solving in an easy and proficient way. They connected worldwide and can offer tailor made services with a deep knowledge of Sri Lanka and its most secret beauties.

If you need assistance with buying, selling or renting a property they know all the ins and outs of the trade and will come up with solutions which are the best, the island can offer and the best a client can hope for.

Ho conosciuto Shane T. e Ceylon Real Estate da molti anni e posso garantire che sono il meglio che si possa trovare in Sri Lanka per chiunque volesse fare un viaggio speciale, scoprire posti unici e lontani dalla folla, affittare, comprare o gestire una proprietà che fosse sul mare o all’interno di quest’isola meravigliosa che non a caso è chiamata la perla dell’Oceano Indiano.
Non è facile per uno straniero muoversi in un mondo cosi diverso e loro sono fantastici perché la loro cortesia ed efficienza si sposa in modo perfetto con la comprensione degli standard stranieri e le richieste che vengono loro fatte.

Carla Notarbartolo Di Villarosa(jhvilla.com )  – Italy– Client since 2016

We have known Shane for over 10 years as he and his professional team assisted us in the renting of our villa, Kingsley’s Pearl, Thalpe from 2010 through to 2015.
In 2021 we decided to purchase another property in Sri Lanka. Due to covid we were unable to leave Australia. So we relied on Shane’s judgment regarding a property of interest to us, Marnel, 82 Lighthouse Street, Galle Fort. With Shane’s assistance, hard work and professional approach we were able to purchase this outstanding property (unseen) which is now known as Kingsley’s Pearl at the Fort.

Shane worked hard to secure a deal that both the buyer and seller were satisfied with. This took numerous phone calls, messages on WhatsApp and a constant stream of emails. Since the purchase of the 82 Lighthouse Street. Shane has kept in communication with us regarding the property market in the Galle area, giving us confidence that we have made the right decision in purchasing a property in the Galle Fort.

In 2022 we finally entered the doors of our acquired property and overwhelmed with the place which we have now refurbished and ready to rent out on a casual basis. Shane and his friendly team, at CIG, have been a great source of support and advice regarding the management of the property. We impressed with the team’s professional approach when inspecting the property and their gentle ways of recommending required improvements.

We have no hesitation in recommending Shane and CIG as the team to approach when a property sold, purchased, or managed for rental.

Brian & Colleen Pieris – Australia – Client since 2015

I purchased my property in Sri Lanka more than 10 years ago and I was extremely lucky to have done this with the help of Shane. He was very attentive in explaining every detail to me and took care of all the formalities, making the process painless and hassle-free for me. Also, his company managed my property for several years and I was very satisfied with their services. Over the years Shane has earned my trust and respect so I would highly recommend him to anyone that wants to buy or sell a property in Sri Lanka.

Owner of Haritha Villa (harithavillas.com) – Bulgaria– Client since 2010

Shane is incredibly resourceful and knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate and development in Sri Lanka. We truly could not have created such a special private resort without him. He became a true member of our team, working for our interests as we tackled the challenges involved in developing in Sri Lanka. Still years after completing our project he remains a key member of our company’s family.

Ira Bloom (aniprivateresorts.com ) – USA– Client since 2010

My husband and I chose to work with Shane Thantirimudalige of Ceylon Real Estate in 2009, when we decided to find a house that we could retire to in Sri Lanka. Shane found us our beloved old house, managed our purchase very openly and well, and thereafter continued, along with his excellent staff, to assist us in myriad ways as we renovated, lived in and eventually sold our beautiful house. We were always confident that the help of Shane and his staff was conscientious, wise and sincere. I give them top marks after my eleven years of dealing with Ceylon Real Estate.

Anne Millen – New Zealand – Client since 2008

My husband and I chose to work with Shane Thantirimudalige of Ceylon Real Estate in 2009, when we decided to find a house that we could retire to in Sri Lanka. Shane found us our beloved old house, managed our purchase very openly and well, and thereafter continued, along with his excellent staff, to assist us in myriad ways as we renovated, lived in and eventually sold our beautiful house. We were always confident that the help of Shane and his staff was conscientious, wise and sincere. I give them top marks after my eleven years of dealing with Ceylon Real Estate.

Anne Millen – New Zealand – Client since 2008

We have worked with Shane for many years. He has helped us buy extensive property in Sri Lanka, develop it and manage it. As a foreigner it’s not easy to figure your way through the complexities of land purchase and management, and Shane brings highly professional real estate expertise as well as very valuable local knowledge. He’s always been a practical problem-solver and a wise counsel, and we count him as a good and trustworthy friend.

Rupert and Charlotta Beeley ( tophouse.lk ) – UK – Client since 2007

In 2005 I purchased an inland paddy island 10-acre tea estate through Shane at Ceylon Real Estate.

I had come to Sri Lanka to assist with a post-tsunami project, loved the country, was shown some interesting properties and quickly settled on one. This was to be a fun enterprise as well as a labour of love.

Throughout the entire experience, from purchase, assistance with builders and suppliers, management of the house to let, general property assistance and latterly sale, I have received nothing but the most attentive, well advised, and professional assistance from Shane.

A rare commodity in the property world.
The team behind Shane are professional, committed to getting it right, always pleasant, and always helpful, beyond expectations.

I couldn’t recommend them more thoroughly.

Nick Shipp, Architect RIBA (nickshipp.com)  – UK – Client since 2005

I first met Shane in 2003 when I decided to make Sri Lanka my permanent home. I was impressed by his diligence, honesty, knowledge and support in my search for a property. He guided me through the complicated process to settle here and I have never had reason to change my high opinion of him or his work ethic. Since then, I, my family and several friends have purchased more property through him and, 19 years later, his success is well deserved.!! I have utmost praise for him and have no hesitation recommending him highly to prospective purchasers in this beautiful country. He will never let you down.

Barbara J Segal – UK– Client since 2003

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