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FAQs about buying a property in Sri Lanka

Yes, but it is a bit more complicated for non-Sri Lankans than for local citizens. The laws regarding property ownership in Sri Lanka are pretty straightforward by Asian standards. There are many ways of acquiring a great property in Sri Lanka.

Yes, absolutely! Foreign investors are a key market for the Sri Lankan real estate sector. There are plenty of options to choose from (beachfront, villa, houses, bare land) and multiple ways of investing in this attractive market. 

7% tax is applicable to foreigners on a property lease of 99 years. This is the most common method of acquiring property ownership, which also allows them to rent or sell the property freely.

Yes. If you have a Sri Lankan citizenship along with a citizenship from another country, you can freely purchase, sell or even inherit property in Sri Lanka.

It can be challenging for non-Asians because there are no regulations or licenses to become an agent. Since this market attracts buyers from all over the world, real estate agents are numerous in both quantity and type.

Usually the agents represent the Seller and charge a commission on the sale price. In some cases agents representing the Buyer can also be involved, and they would negotiate the selling agent to split the commission. All such matters should be clarified upfront to avoid potential conflicts in these type of high-value transactions.

Ceylon Real Estate is among the top real estate agencies in Sri Lanka. With many decades of experience in offering the highest level of service, we are the pioneers of professional real estate and property management in and around the South Coast of Sri Lanka.

Based in Galle since 2005, we have earned the status of one of the most reputable and trusted real estate consultant companies in Sri Lanka. With extensive industry experience under their belt, our team applies all of its professionalism and knowledge to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Yes, buying a property in Sri Lanka can be a dream come true for many people. The island paradise has been famous for its tourism and commercial properties since the beginning.

In recent years, Sri Lanka has also become a popular destination for those seeking a luxurious and relaxing lifestyle. It is an up-and-coming market for resident and foreign investors alike.

Compared to real estate markets of other tropical countries in Asia, Sri Lanka is still an embryonic market. This offers the chance for a higher long term return on investment in real estate on the island.

Yes, anyone can set up a business in Sri Lanka by complying with the laws and regulations.

Different industries in Sri Lanka have a different set of regulations in regards to what percentage of a company can be owned by a foreigner. Some industries are restricted for foreign ownership, some allow a maximum of 40%, and some allow the entire 100% to be owned by a foreigner.

All foreign-owned businesses must have a local company secretary for handling company-related legal and accounting matters.

1 Perch = 272.21 Sq Ft / 25.29 Sq Mtrs / 30.25 Sq Yds. There are 160 Perches in an Acre. 

Perch is a unit of measurement popular in Sri Lanka. Historically, perch was a measure of length (1 perch = 5.0292 meters or 16.5 feet). In Sri Lanka, Perch is colloquially used as a measurement of area (instead of square perch).

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